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The Easy Way


Super-simple installation and totally intuitive operation – that's tapHOME.

Make life easy and set up your own wireless house automation system, simply and with no technical knowledge. Use the tapHOME app to switch your lamps, TVs, stereos and many other electronic devices on and off with a simple tap of the finger.

TapHOME gives you the option of setting almost any device in your home to switch on or off at a certain time and to define scenarios.

With complete control via the mobile app – even when you are away from home.


  • The tapHOME app on your mobile device enables super-simple installation of the hardware components – no computer is required for setup

  • No technical knowledge required – simple, innovative operation via mobile app

  • Control it all with a tap of your finger – touchscreen-based control

  • Expandable and extendable

  • Futureproof and compatible with products from other manufacturers thanks to Z-Wave technology

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All you need for the tapHOME system is:

  • W-LAN router
  • tapHOME EASYGate*
  • tapHOME EASYPlug* - power socket switching adapter and/or
  • tapHOME EASYPlugDim* – power socket dimmer adapter
  • Smartphone, tablet PC or iPod touch™ with Apple® iOS (iPhone® from 3Gs, iPad® from 1st generation, iPod touch® from 3rd generation) or Google™ Android OS (from version 2.3)
  • tapHOME mobile App (available for Apple® iOS and Google™ Android)**

* Part of the tapHOME EASYStarterkit
** iOS and Android app available soon

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Your home automation system is completely up and running in just a few minutes.

  • Connect the EASYGate to your router/switch/access point
  • Download the tapHOME app in the iTunes Store® or from Google® Play and launch. The system automatically recognises the EASYGate.
  • Plug the EASYPlug or EASYPlugDim into a socket at the operating site.
  • In the app view "My Devices" tap the "+" symbol in the top right corner and then select "Add Device". For the next 30 seconds the tapHOME system will be busy in device recognition mode.
  • Press the device button on the front of the EASYPlug/EASYPlugDim and hold for 1 second.
  • Follow the instructions in the app, give the device a name and assign it to a device category.
  • Hardware installation complete.


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Operating the tapHOME mobile app is intuitive and sensationally simple. Once you have successfully installed the hardware you can get started.

  • Create individual rooms. Move walls around with a tap of the finger, position windows and doors – it's child's play!
  • Position the devices which you have registered on the system within the room.
  • Easily operate your devices with a finger tap via the tapHOME app in room or device view.
  • Double tapping on a dimmable lamp will take you to the dimming view. Now swipe your finger intuitively up or down to set the desired level of brightness in the room.
  • Create individual scenarios in order to produce lighting moods or switch on additional devices according to the situation. Design scenarios for example for dinnertime, home cinema, child at home alone, or switch all standby devices off when they are no longer required. Simply tap and save.
  • Use the convenient timer function to switch devices on or off at defined times. This is useful for giving the impression that someone is home or for switching on the exterior lighting before you get home, for example.

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Z-Wave is an innovative wireless communication protocol for home automation. All tapHOME products use this standard. Z-Wave based products are:

  • Compatible with one another
  • Futureproof and value for money
  • Modular making them extendable at any time*
  • Safe, tough and reliable, thanks to bidirectional wireless signals and mesh networking

* Depending on the current version of the tapHOME mobile app

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Because all connected devices act as repeaters resulting in a mesh network, the standard 30m range of individual devices within buildings is extended by up to 5 times. This means that signals reach even tricky nooks and crannies, safely and reliably.

Up to 252 devices can be controlled from each EASYGate.

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A command sent from the app is received and confirmed by the receiver module.

This function provides additional stability and reliability in the wireless transmission of signals.

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